Thursday, December 29, 2016

Modern Walk in Closets in NYC

For Men: Modern Walk In Closets Trends And Ideas Of 2017
As we enter the New Year, a modern walk in wardrobe is probably on your 2017’s wish list. Yes, they are a sign of class, style, and opulence, but they are still a cornerstone of healthy living, especially if you are a man.
There are the suave, sophisticated ones and then there are the affordable, stylish options. If you are looking for great walk in closets, the following trends and ideas will possibly offer an even better space for selection. And at German Design Center, we can help you set up a modern walk in closet in NYC.
Modern Walk In Closets in NYC
1.    Distinction in lively and lovely colors
Men typically prefer dark, natural hues in their rooms, maybe because they are men. But, sometimes, there’s a need to break the rules and bring in a host of vivid colors. Celebrated interior decor expert Nate Berkus presents a joyful walk in closet design with a man’s items arranged with sophistication and class.
Trend’s major idea: Clothes on hangers, Hats on racks and shoes on the closet’s bottom shelves, all of them are assembled under a high roof.
2.    Minimalism in Fashion
In contemporary homes, any economic idea in a masculine wardrobe is ever welcome. Men love simplicity in the organization, what minimalism in fashion is primarily based on. On one side of the closet are your innumerable pairs of shoes, all of them in their individual shelves. Shirts are hung right opposite other shelves set with expertly folded pairs of trousers and coats, and other clothes are hung too.
3.    Floor to ceiling
Inspired by Josh Brown Design, Floor to Ceiling is a spacious walk-in closet complete with shelves extending to the roof. There’s nothing surprising if you know that larger shelves that can accommodate hanging of coats lie on one side and smaller ones that can store shoes and folded pants on the other. However, the entire appearance oozes a rare form of functionality.
4.    Solid wood carpentry with vivid colors
Perhaps, you know that a solid wood closet is perfect for a man’s wares and accessories. It is a classic version of masculine walk-in-closets, customized and complete with authentic shelves for your clothes, shoes, and bags. Just check out celebrity organizer Melanie Fascitelli’s ideas.
5.    Mirrored doors walk in closets
A man’s wardrobe normally has fewer items than a woman’s closet and this idea properly highlights that. Mirrored doors walk in closets is a simplified, a lot different from the conventional designs. It comes in a visually enlarge a space with more room and light and allows for more customization.
Further ideas worth trying out:
       Grey tones as inspired by Joshua Lawrence
       Beautiful, light gray palette with a man’s vibe
       Modern walk-in closet with artificial light to create a unique mood as with LA Closet Design
       Simplicity - Viarde Studio
       A dressing Island
       A vanity section
For more about modern walk in closets in NYC, please call us at (888) 209-5240. We at German Design Center will be happy to set you up with a new and functional walk in closet.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

European furniture in NYC

German Design Center believes that new European furniture is an investment, therefore it’s a good idea to purchase furniture that’s beautiful, durable, and will not go out of style. In nearly every situation, European furniture is the best choice when you need timelessness, beauty, and quality furniture for your home or apartment.

German Design Center’s furniture focuses on the beauty and function of the piece itself, without added flourishes or trends that might detract or go out of style when fashions change. And when European furniture is beautiful, simple and easy to add personal style using other accessories in the room. However, you can still show their own style through choice of color or other finishes as well as adding modern chairs to accent you place. European furniture is known for its ability to be customized and altered for the consumer and will accommodate modern living rooms.  

German Design Center’s furniture builds on architectural inspirations, by using high quality materials that include hardwoods, glass, and metals. In the European furniture market, quality is always a priority. Modern European furniture is often green or eco-friendly, avoiding the emittance of volatile organic compounds, and using only materials that are sustainable sourced and, in the case of hardwoods, from certified forests in Europe.

German Design Center’s furniture is also more versatile than other types of because it is designed to be compact and more streamlined, which is better to fit in modern bedrooms’ homes of different sizes, including efficiency or small apartments that might require modular or easily mobile pieces. That doesn’t mean European furniture is not at home in a sprawling mansion, however. clean lines and timeless designs are classic and appealing in any type of home.

Whether you’re choosing European furniture based on style, quality, sustainability, or versatility, German Design Center’s offers furniture for everyone, and is always beautiful, functional, and timeless. 

German Design Center – Your Source for European Furniture in NYC.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Modern Walk In Closets in NYC

Are you looking for modern walk in closets in NYC? At German Design Center, we feature unprecedented modern walk-in closet designs from leading German furniture brands. Developed through strict quality standards and manufactured with durable materials, your space will be functional and beautiful. Our flexible pricing structures and custom designs help you make the walk-in closets of your dreams a reality. 

At German Design Center, our expert interior designers will work with you to design a space that matches your aesthetic while properly adhering to the functions you need. Whether you have a large amount of space or even something smaller, our walk-in closets will be designed with your special needs and preferences in mind. Your walk-in closet should properly store your belongings while also making your life that much easier. 

A spacious walk-in closet is a space for you to organize your sense of style, change and dress, and simply make the most of your bedroom. It should be a room exclusively for your clothing with beautiful lighting and accessible storage. Additions, such as shelves, hanging bars, drawers and more make it possible for you to organize your belongings the way you desire.

Our spacious showroom is located in the heart of Chelsea, NYC. When you come, you will experience our vast array of home furnishings created by innovative designers. Let our capable expert interior designers work with your to create the walk-in closet of your dreams!

For more information about our modern walk in closets in NYC, call German Design Center at (888) 209-5240.

German Design Center- Your source for innovative modern walk in closets in NYC!