Thursday, September 14, 2017

Modern Built In Closets in NYC

Shopping for the perfect closet can be a tedious task. There must be a closet with enough hanging space for your shirts and suits, drawers to place your undergarments and pants neatly, as well as a space for your jewelry and other accessories. Standard closets are insufficient for modern needs. A simple way to ensure that all your belongings fit easily, is to get modern built-in closets in NYC
Modern Built in Closets in NYC

At German Design Center, we feature award-winning innovative modern built-in closets engineered by leading European furniture brands. Modern built-in closets offer more benefits and high quality advantages compared to standard closets. 

Here are some of the many advantages our modern built-in closets can provide for you:


Our built in-closets are designed to fit the space in your room. Meaning there won't be any awkward gaps around the closet, leaving it matching perfectly with the aesthetics of your room. It doesn't matter if your space is L-shaped space or circular space, no matter what, you will be able to make the most out of your built-in closet. 


One of the amazing features about our built-in closets, is that you can go for any design you like. So when you're thinking of what you want for your built-in closet, you can think about how you want it to flow, what wood it should be made of and, the style and the finishes you want. In the end, you'll be blown away by the finished results.


Our custom closets come with the freedom of configuration. You can customize the storage space according to your needs. For instance, if you own a lot of shoes, you can get more storage space for them, or a custom tie rack for your to accommodate your favorite ties. The possibilities are just endless. You can have a formal section and an informal section. You can go for more hanging space than shelves. No matter what you choose, your end result will be the perfect closet for you.


Many people might overlook lighting when getting a built-in closet, but it is one of the most essential things you must add. And with a custom modern built-in closet, the ideas on how to utilize lighting are endless. One of the most commonly used lights is LED white light. It allows you to easily you can see exactly what you are grabbing save time, so . It doesn't matter how much natural light flows through your room, an LED light on top of the hanging clothes, shelves or drawers will save you so much time, especially on cloudy mornings.

Modern built in closets in NYC are a dream come true, as you are able to customization everything from size, wood, finishes, etc. There is virtually nothing that German Design Center can't offer for you with your custom built in closet. 

To explore our modern built in closets in NYC design options or browse our European furniture styles, come to our showroom at German Design Center in Chelsea, NY or contact us at (888) 209-5240. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Modern Wardrobes in NYC

An ideal bedroom will be spacious, functional, comfortable and visually appealing. However, keeping a bedroom in that ideal state is made difficult by the piles of clothes that are inclined to clutter the floor. Fortunately, there are modern wardrobes in NYC are aesthetically pleasing and convenient for your storage needs, keeping your room organized while enhancing the atmosphere with tasteful, contemporary designs. You can get a modern wardrobe design option that blends in well with the look and feel of your bedroom.
Modern Wardrobes in NYC

Interested in purchasing modern wardrobes in NYC? Come browse our selections at our showroom at German Design Center.

We at German Design Center, have provided visually stunning modern wardrobes in NYC for many clients. We offer innovative modern wardrobe styles from leading European furniture brands including Piure, Team 7 and Hulsta. Looking for a particular modern wardrobe style?

Not a problem. We have a wide array of options available. Here are a few design options you can consider for your bedroom:

Handleless Wardrobes 

Unlike typical wardrobes, our handleless wardrobes can give your wall a integrated look that blends seamlessly with your room's design . Handleless wardrobes also bring the appeal of an open space, making your small room into something more.

Play with Colors and Combinations

Our modern wardrobes in NYC come in a variety of different colors, surfaces and finishes. In addition to the popular black, grey and white, we can offer a wide variety of colors to help you achieve the look you desire.

Another option for your modern wardrobe is a combination of different materials. If you want something more rustic and earthy, then natural wood can add that down-to-earth atmosphere to your bedroom, while still giving you the much needed storage space.

There's also the option of mirror wardrobes, which bring more light to your room. You can play around with these ideas and discuss your choice with our professional design staff to optimize a solution for you.

Minimalist Is The New Classic

Our minimalist modern wardrobes in NYC are designed with simplicity in mind. They feature handleless doors, a finished look devoid of distraction and easy closing mechanisms. In short, a design created to flawlessly blend form and function.

Whatever modern wardrobes in NYC you would like, German Design Center can help you find one that's suitable. Come to our showroom in the heart of Chelsea, NYC.

To learn more about our modern wardrobes in NYC or learn more about our services at German Design Center, contact us at (888) 209-5240.

Monday, August 7, 2017

European Furniture in NYC

A home or apartment is an empty space without furniture. But not just any furniture will do. You want furniture that enhances the atmosphere of your home and elevates the entire space along with it.

Are you interested in adding more flavor to your home? You should consider purchasing contemporary European furniture. European furniture in NYC is known for its elegance and its ability to integrate into its surroundings, bringing beauty and charm to any home or apartment.

Where can you look for stylish and artfully designed European furniture in NYC? Come explore our design options in our German Design Center showroom.

European Furniture in NYC
At German Design Center, we have high quality European furniture designed by acclaimed and reputable European furniture companies including Piure, Team 7 and Hulsta.

We have a broad selection of  European furniture in NYC with a wide variety of contemporary design options for you to browse. Whether you need a master bed for your bed room, a dining table for your kitchen, a coffee table for your living room, or furniture to decorate your balcony, German Design Center has the showpiece furniture that you desire.

We provide minimalist furniture designed without ostentation in a variety of high quality materials that add to the allure of your house or your apartment.

If you are looking to redecorate your home with a fresh, unique style with European flair, then come to German Design Center. You can choose from our array of European Furniture in NYC that is both affordable and appealing.

If you are interested in purchasing European Furniture in NYC, contact German Design Center at (888) 209-5240 or come visit our showroom in Chelsea, NYC.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

European Wall Units

European wall units are a modern, aesthetically appealing storage solution that can adapt to any room in your home. You can pre-select a European wall unit on our website or explore other European interior design options at our showroom at German Design Center. You can talk with our professional staff about your particular vision for your new wall units.

Here are a few European Wall Units to consider for your home:

Minimalist Entertainment Center:

European Wall Units
If you are looking for a unit that works for entertainment purposes and manages to organize your media and audio equipment, while reducing extensive space... consider our minimalists European wall unit. Apart from the clean yet elegant look, our wall units can transform your living room or entertainment area into a showpiece space that embraces both form and function. Our European walls units features space for any TV size with cabinets for storage below. Their designs skillfully embrace the shape of modern flat screen televisions, turning your home entertainment center into a work of art even when it is turned off. 

Novel Art:

While many people like to collect books, storage can present a problem. The larger your collection, the more bookshelves come to dominate the interior design of your room. German Design Center has expertly designed book shelves that turn your collection of literature into a form of architecture, enhancing your space with their beautiful designs.  Our professional staff can work with you to design a wall unit that melds beautifully into your room. 

Organized Paradise:
Your bedroom should be the most relaxed place in your home. Our European wall units can give that space a clean sense of luxury while providing you with state-of-the-art storage solutions that allow you to de-clutter your space. We can design your wall unit to best organize your clothes and accessories, while bringing a clean and natural feel to your safe space. You can work with our professional staff into rethinking your bedroom into a design that reflects you.

German Design Center is here to ensure that your home exudes both the style and comfort you deserve, while providing the versatile storage solutions you need. We work with award-winning European furniture brands like Team 7, Hulsta, and Piure. We want to give you the elegance and luxury of European design within your home. 

If you want to see these designs for yourself, you can visit our showroom in the heart of Chelsea, NYC. 

If you would like to inquire more about European Wall Units or want to know about our services at German Design Center, contact us at (888) 209-5240.  

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Luxury Walk In Closets in NYC

Have you ever thought of doing any home improvement projects any time soon? Do you want to do a home improvement that will make everyday life more enjoyable, a lot easier and at the same time increase your storage and your home value? Our luxury walk-in closets in NYC from German Design Center gives you all of that and much more. Here are some of the benefits you will get if you are considering installing a walk-in closet in your living space: 

Walk-in closets increases your home value
Luxury Walk In Closets in NYC
These days, many people are looking for a home that has walk in closets. Having at least an elegant and luxurious walk in closet puts your home at the top list of every buyer checklist when they go shopping. However, to make it appealing to buyers, the closet should be efficiently designed to offer maximum space and look as spacious as possible. We can help you select the right walk-in closet,  and it will boost your home's value.

Walk-in closets offer additional storage room
Having even a smaller walk-in closet is better than just a reach-in closet. You need a place to put all your personal gear, clothing and outwear and of course there is no better place than a walk-in closet. You can cycle through seasonal clothes and other items to keep your closet organized and create more space for storage. With our luxury walk-in closets, you do not have to choose between hanging your clothes and a comfortable living space because they offer an additional storage space where you can store all your personal belongings and have a comfortable living space to yourself.

Use the closet as an ideal dressing room
A luxury walk-in closet offers you a lovely place to get prepared for the day. There are a variety of custom designs you can choose from and most of them will meet your preferences. Take time dressing and preparing without the worry of kids and anyone bursting into your room and find you dressing up. Walk-in closets add privacy and comfort when you are dressing and getting ready.  You could even decide to relax in your closet after a long day. You can it into a little haven away from kids or busy schedules.

Initially, it may be difficult find people to provide you excellent walk-in closet installation services. However, you don’t have to search any further, just contact us at German Design Center at  888-209-5240 and we will happily provide a luxury walk-in closet in NYC that will not compromise your living space.

Friday, March 3, 2017

European Luxury Closets in US

Team 7 Relief Wardrobe US
Luxury Closets

Who doesn’t love a walk in closet? An open space, with expansive clothing racks and room to walk around while dressing is what probably comes to mind when you think of “luxury” closets.

But we can actually customize our closets too - and European brands often specialize in made-to-order wardrobes and armoires. This really adds a new dimension to the room once you are able to choose your storage components and closet design.

New to European closets? Here are some main characteristics:

Team 7 wardrobe fittings
Luxury Closets

They can move with you

Unless we’re talking a dining room armoire or the C.S. Lewis novel, wardrobes aren’t really a staple in American homes. Our closets are usually built in. This is convenient when it comes to move in time, but it also means we can’t take them with us like we would with the rest of our furniture.

Wardrobes, on the other hand, are portable. European closets are often collapsible, and then re-assembled after transport. This means you are able to design storage tailored for your belongings, such as a tie or jewelry drawer, that actually moves with you to a new home.

Your closet can be a furniture staple, just like the rest of your bedroom set, that you depend on throughout your moves.

Decorated doors

German Innovative Custom Closet
Luxury Closets
Custom closets offer tons of choice to the designer. This is a part of the home that often gets overlooked, so you can really get creative with the door faces and set an ambiance or personality.

Matte lacquer, wood veneer, or even add-ons like overhead lighting or mirrors give a ton of options for you to really get creative. You can also choose the door style - sliding or hinged, and with handles or without, depending on how contemporary your tastes are.

Custom size and dimensions

Hulsta Sloped German Closet
Luxury Closets
Earlier we touched on walk-in closets. Sprawling closets have been gaining popularity as of late because of more open loft-style floor plans. And there’s no better path to a luxury walk in closet than a custom design built for your own space.

The closed wardrobes are remarkably flexible too, such as the innovative sloping ceiling design above by German furniture company Hulsta. Their Multi Forma II line includes open plan closets as well as tall wardrobes and matching accessory furniture like dressers. There are many choices for the height, width, and depth of units which are able to fit into corners or even span the entire wall.

Hulsta Custom TV Closet
Luxury Closets

Customized storage add-ons

Storage engineering is an aspect that Europeans really excel at when it comes to their wardrobes. Closets are typically not very organized places - with just a rack and maybe a shelf with a storage bin or two, it becomes a no-man’s land with piles of your belongings that ironically don’t really “belong” anywhere.

European closets that offer individual planning can really make your daily routine straightforward, with easy access to specialized compartments. A dedicated TV panel, for instance, eliminates the need for a separate TV stand.

Built in drawers are also extremely helpful as a storage tool, as well as more niche storage like tie hangers and shoe racks that are very specific to your own lifestyle.

To learn more about our luxury closets at German Design Center, please call us today at 888-209-5240.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dream Closets For Your Design Type: European Wardrobes

Trying to pin down a design for a European wardrobe that best suits your home? Innovative closets from Europe offer enormous choice and customization, so it can be helpful to pin down your design type in order to best inform your options.

We at German Design Center have pulled together a few of our favorite modern wardrobes here to inspire you. Each is from a leading European brand that offers custom height and width, with lots of details to really get that personal touch.

For the contemporary: Piure Line Schrank

Pure Blue and White Line Shrank
Modern Wardrobes
This range is super modern and a lot of run. Line Schrank by emerging German brand Piure is a wardrobe line fronted by clean, flush doors and a staggered interplay of lines. This wardrobe can take on classic, neutral tones or bright colors with unusual designs.

The effect is especially contemporary with the handle-free option, though handled doors are available too for those who prefer something to grab onto. The size of each cabinet is custom as per your wishes, with lots of interlocking designs to conjure from your imagination.

For the traditional: Team 7 Soft Wardrobe

Modern Wardrobes
While this one isn’t purely traditional, the Soft wardrobe from Team 7 strikes a nice balance between classic and newer styles. The “soft” elements include its handles and solid wood fronts, which along with integrated closet light serve to add warmth to its slender frame.

Team 7 wardrobes are built from pure solid wood and this range offers several distinct wood types to choose from, along with back painted glass to decorate the fronts.

For the purist: Hulsta Now! Time

Modern Wardrobes
There’s definitely something to be said about the calmness and simplicity of minimalism. And the Now! Time range from German closet specialist Hulsta caters to this straightforward concept by offering puristic wardrobe designs in no-nonsense color palettes.

While the wardrobe dimensions are custom built for every client’s need, the options are a little more stripped down than some others on this, which helps decision-phobes avoid that feeling of choice overload. Now! Time has a sort of youthful appeal and is great for young adults or anyone who likes a fresh energy in the room.

For the visionary: Hulsta Multi Forma II

Modern Wardrobes
Get ready to stretch your creative limits with this one! Hulsta’s Multi Forma II range is incredibly versatile. This concept lets you design a wardrobe that spans an entire hall, a closet-media combo, or a slanted top for a sloping ceiling.

You can combine open and closed closets, stacked drawers with tall doors, wood veneer and glass, or keep things more uniform with one color. Multi Forma II is perfect for nailing a really specific idea that’s utterly different from anything your friends have.

To learn more about our modern wardrobes at German Design Center, please contact us today at 888-209-5240. A modern design expert will be happy to speak with you.