Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Modern Wardrobes in NYC

An ideal bedroom will be spacious, functional, comfortable and visually appealing. However, keeping a bedroom in that ideal state is made difficult by the piles of clothes that are inclined to clutter the floor. Fortunately, there are modern wardrobes in NYC are aesthetically pleasing and convenient for your storage needs, keeping your room organized while enhancing the atmosphere with tasteful, contemporary designs. You can get a modern wardrobe design option that blends in well with the look and feel of your bedroom.
Modern Wardrobes in NYC

Interested in purchasing modern wardrobes in NYC? Come browse our selections at our showroom at German Design Center.

We at German Design Center, have provided visually stunning modern wardrobes in NYC for many clients. We offer innovative modern wardrobe styles from leading European furniture brands including Piure, Team 7 and Hulsta. Looking for a particular modern wardrobe style?

Not a problem. We have a wide array of options available. Here are a few design options you can consider for your bedroom:

Handleless Wardrobes 

Unlike typical wardrobes, our handleless wardrobes can give your wall a integrated look that blends seamlessly with your room's design . Handleless wardrobes also bring the appeal of an open space, making your small room into something more.

Play with Colors and Combinations

Our modern wardrobes in NYC come in a variety of different colors, surfaces and finishes. In addition to the popular black, grey and white, we can offer a wide variety of colors to help you achieve the look you desire.

Another option for your modern wardrobe is a combination of different materials. If you want something more rustic and earthy, then natural wood can add that down-to-earth atmosphere to your bedroom, while still giving you the much needed storage space.

There's also the option of mirror wardrobes, which bring more light to your room. You can play around with these ideas and discuss your choice with our professional design staff to optimize a solution for you.

Minimalist Is The New Classic

Our minimalist modern wardrobes in NYC are designed with simplicity in mind. They feature handleless doors, a finished look devoid of distraction and easy closing mechanisms. In short, a design created to flawlessly blend form and function.

Whatever modern wardrobes in NYC you would like, German Design Center can help you find one that's suitable. Come to our showroom in the heart of Chelsea, NYC.

To learn more about our modern wardrobes in NYC or learn more about our services at German Design Center, contact us at (888) 209-5240.

Monday, August 7, 2017

European Furniture in NYC

A home or apartment is an empty space without furniture. But not just any furniture will do. You want furniture that enhances the atmosphere of your home and elevates the entire space along with it.

Are you interested in adding more flavor to your home? You should consider purchasing contemporary European furniture. European furniture in NYC is known for its elegance and its ability to integrate into its surroundings, bringing beauty and charm to any home or apartment.

Where can you look for stylish and artfully designed European furniture in NYC? Come explore our design options in our German Design Center showroom.

European Furniture in NYC
At German Design Center, we have high quality European furniture designed by acclaimed and reputable European furniture companies including Piure, Team 7 and Hulsta.

We have a broad selection of  European furniture in NYC with a wide variety of contemporary design options for you to browse. Whether you need a master bed for your bed room, a dining table for your kitchen, a coffee table for your living room, or furniture to decorate your balcony, German Design Center has the showpiece furniture that you desire.

We provide minimalist furniture designed without ostentation in a variety of high quality materials that add to the allure of your house or your apartment.

If you are looking to redecorate your home with a fresh, unique style with European flair, then come to German Design Center. You can choose from our array of European Furniture in NYC that is both affordable and appealing.

If you are interested in purchasing European Furniture in NYC, contact German Design Center at (888) 209-5240 or come visit our showroom in Chelsea, NYC.