Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dream Closets For Your Design Type: European Wardrobes

Trying to pin down a design for a European wardrobe that best suits your home? Innovative closets from Europe offer enormous choice and customization, so it can be helpful to pin down your design type in order to best inform your options.

We at German Design Center have pulled together a few of our favorite modern wardrobes here to inspire you. Each is from a leading European brand that offers custom height and width, with lots of details to really get that personal touch.

For the contemporary: Piure Line Schrank

Pure Blue and White Line Shrank
Modern Wardrobes
This range is super modern and a lot of run. Line Schrank by emerging German brand Piure is a wardrobe line fronted by clean, flush doors and a staggered interplay of lines. This wardrobe can take on classic, neutral tones or bright colors with unusual designs.

The effect is especially contemporary with the handle-free option, though handled doors are available too for those who prefer something to grab onto. The size of each cabinet is custom as per your wishes, with lots of interlocking designs to conjure from your imagination.

For the traditional: Team 7 Soft Wardrobe

Modern Wardrobes
While this one isn’t purely traditional, the Soft wardrobe from Team 7 strikes a nice balance between classic and newer styles. The “soft” elements include its handles and solid wood fronts, which along with integrated closet light serve to add warmth to its slender frame.

Team 7 wardrobes are built from pure solid wood and this range offers several distinct wood types to choose from, along with back painted glass to decorate the fronts.

For the purist: Hulsta Now! Time

Modern Wardrobes
There’s definitely something to be said about the calmness and simplicity of minimalism. And the Now! Time range from German closet specialist Hulsta caters to this straightforward concept by offering puristic wardrobe designs in no-nonsense color palettes.

While the wardrobe dimensions are custom built for every client’s need, the options are a little more stripped down than some others on this, which helps decision-phobes avoid that feeling of choice overload. Now! Time has a sort of youthful appeal and is great for young adults or anyone who likes a fresh energy in the room.

For the visionary: Hulsta Multi Forma II

Modern Wardrobes
Get ready to stretch your creative limits with this one! Hulsta’s Multi Forma II range is incredibly versatile. This concept lets you design a wardrobe that spans an entire hall, a closet-media combo, or a slanted top for a sloping ceiling.

You can combine open and closed closets, stacked drawers with tall doors, wood veneer and glass, or keep things more uniform with one color. Multi Forma II is perfect for nailing a really specific idea that’s utterly different from anything your friends have.

To learn more about our modern wardrobes at German Design Center, please contact us today at 888-209-5240. A modern design expert will be happy to speak with you.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Personally Design Furniture: European Wall Units

Team 7 modern TV wall unit libraryIf you have ever dealt with a space constraint in your home, you probably already realize how valuable some well-placed shelves and overhead cabinets can be. You can reduce the clutter in the room, creating extra storage space to move around in! It’s a win-win.

Wall mounted cabinets are fairly common in Europe, for all areas of the home. This might seem a little foreign to Americans though. We are used to wall cabinets in the kitchen only. So what are some ways that we can use modern wall units in the other living areas? Today we at German Design Center would like to show you.

TV and Media Units

Team 7 TV wall unit

TV cabinets are pretty standard for the living room, but we don’t often see wall mounted TV cabinets. But since we do mount our flat screen TVs so often, it makes a lot of sense. TV wall units are specially designed for your entertainment system. The Cubus Pure media center by Team 7 has special chambers for sound amplification, ventilation and portals for the cords. This creates a streamlined center that holds all your entertainment mounted right on the wall.


Pure modern floating sideboard credenza

For the living or dining room, sideboards are a great tool to stay neat. Basically anything from stray papers to change jars can be stored these types of cabinets. This convenient storage furniture is even more useful when hung on the wall and out of your way. European wall sideboards are often easy to customize too, with many ways tailor the design for what you need. The top surface also doubles as a shelf.

Night Stands
Holster modern German night stands

The appeal of a nightstand is the easy-to-reach storage in a small package. Modern wall units work really well as bedside furniture. Aside from looking modern and chic floating beside the bed, the bedside table is even smaller because it does not need legs underneath. The means more room to stretch, while still keeping all the modern comforts!


Team 7 modern library and media center

You may never have thought there might be an alternative to that bulky bookcase in the entry hall. But as long as the mounting system is sturdy enough, you might be surprised by how much weight you can actually hang right on the wall. All those hardcover books, media items and art, sculptures or pottery, don’t have to seem so heavy with a clever suspended library.

Custom European furniture such as this shelving from Team 7 allows you to design book cases that suit your own home. The length, width, and height are built exclusively for your space, and add-ons like cabinet boxes and colored glass make the unit more functional and suit your personality far better than a pre-made bookshelf.


Hulsta modern dresser and closet

Wall suspended dressers have a really neat effect. This traditionally heavy furniture actually has a weightless feel when configured as a wall unit. This model from the Hulsta Multi Varis line has a cabinet with three drawers, so it’s great for storing clothing along with any other bedroom accessories. Its decor has also matches the Multi Varis wardrobe for continuity.

Wall units bring something special to interior design. Their many uses make them ideal for virtually any part of the home - anywhere extra space is needed, they present a contemporary design statement and storage unit in one.

To learn more about our modern wall units or to for more information about us at German Design Center, call us today at 888-209-5240.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Modernize Your Home Theater: European TV Units

What’s the neatest spot in your home?

We would venture a guess that it’s probably not the entertainment center. Stray wires everywhere! Piles of DVD cases and random knick knacks! Even the cable boxes are shoved in awkwardly at times.

After all, this is the spot where we relax, so we might not be in the mood to do much work when it comes to organizing our TV units. Well-planned storage has a calming effect. This is the strength of modern European TV wall units.

So what are ways that a European entertainment center makes home theater a lot more fun?

1. Clean Modern Build
Team 7 modern TV center
Modern TV Wall Units

European entertainment units are generally symmetrical, clean and practical - a refreshing alternative to the bulky cabinets we’ve grown used to. This furniture is often lightweight and thin, yet strong enough to support the television and other heavy devices.

Beyond the puristic look, units like this TV stand from Team 7 do an excellent job of keeping your living room organized. Dedicated cabinets and cord flaps for the cable box, DVD or Blue Ray player, and video game systems create order for the electronics maze. For speakers, an attractive cover conceals all the parts while letting sound pass through unhindered, and its inside chamber optimizes sound performance.

This TV stand from the Cubus Pure range also boasts great ventilation for these humming machines, and an optional smart device charging station. These thoughtful details help solve a lot of problems with keeping media organized.

2. Individual Design

Pure modern furniture media center
Modern TV Wall Units
Another trait of modern European TV wall units is the degree of individuality. Every one is different, and could range from white and minimalistic to sleek, black units with snazzy lighting. You can really let your personality shine here.

Depending on the brand, you could choose from a large assortment of finishes, lacquer and wood being some of the more popular options. The European modular units build on themselves and give basically unlimited size and shape measurements in order to fit the space.

3. Great Mixed Storage

Nobilia mixed kitchen media unit
Modern TV Wall Units

Whether you prefer a single all-purpose unit or you like to spread things out, European media furniture offers great mixed storage options. This usually includes drawers for disc storage, but can also include separate library shelving, as seen here with this media center from Nobilia’s Structura range. The shelving compartments are wall-mounted above the compact TV stand, finished in white laminate and wood-style veneer respectively.

This flexibility means that furniture can serve several different purposes, in basically any wall or corner of the home. This leads us to our next point.

4. Kitchen-Living Room Integration

Kitchens have changed a lot over the years in terms of their role in the home. Today, the kitchen has become a gathering area just as much as a place for cooking, so our social activity in the home tends to flow from the kitchen to the living room. Integrated kitchen-living room spaces are most effective when furniture is planned to connect them.

Leicht, for example, is a brand well-known in Germany for modern luxury kitchens. But if you notice, kitchen cabinets are not very different from storage furniture like TV units and sideboards. Hence, many of the Leicht cabinet lines are interchangeable and work just as well in the living room. A tall set of cabinets is very effective for storing books and media.

(Watch above video for entertainment center demo)

We are always in a race to get the most updated technology in the home, so a modern entertainment center works well even in a traditionally decorated house. Europeans are leaders in modern furniture systems - click here to connect with a design pro about incorporating them into your home.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Modern European Furniture: A Beginner’s Guide

Team 7 modern TV unit
Modern European Furniture
For centuries, “European furniture” conjured up images of crown moldings, silk, and lots of pillows. A simple Google search of the term pulls up scores of ornate sofas and beds, but with the occasional exception.

That’s because other side of the spectrum is completely different - modern European furniture does not resemble this type of design. And while neither style is necessarily superior to the other, German Design Center specializes in leading modern furniture brands from Europe.

The following attributes will give a better understanding for those curious about this furniture:

Modern European Furniture Style

Modern furniture emphasizes the practical over traditions. It has origins within the Industrial Revolution, while previously European furniture focused on lineage and tradition. So all components have a purpose, lacking ornamentation that isn’t necessary.

Modern furniture from countries like Germany and Austria uses clean lines and geometric shapes. Storage furniture, such as closets and bookcases, use a modular framework with square units that build upon each other. Handles are small and minimal, or not present at all - a handleless cabinet grip is often preferred because it looks very contemporary.

Custom Designs

Nobilia Kitchen Media combo
Modern European Furniture

As mentioned earlier, modern furniture design was inspired by the idea of streamlined production. This makes it possible to design “furniture systems” that often serve many functions. For example, modern kitchen cabinets might have an extension to create a media stand for integrated kitchen-living room areas. It’s all about finding what is most useful to your situation and designing your furniture around that.

Because the systems are modular, changing the size and shape of furniture to fit the home is also simple. European modern furniture brands usually have many heights, widths and depths to choose for each unit. Some brands such as Hulsta offer closets and accessory furniture that can wrap around the room or have a segmented design involving several matching pieces.

Modern European furniture is very innovative in its usability too. Cabinets, which are excellent furniture concepts for all rooms, might have lots of engineering choices that are very advanced. Your cabinets could be designed with a rising flap door, pullout shelves, electric hinges, or motion activated lighting.

Modern Furniture Materials

Like its engineering, modern European furniture is known for quality material which is designed to serve you for many years. Instead of low quality chipboard that you tend to see in value brands, modern furniture often favors high quality MDF or even warp-resistant solid wood. Nobilia, the leading kitchen brand from Germany, takes quality so seriously, their prototypes undergo a rigorous series of tests which include shutting drawer glides 60,000 times and liquid acetone resistance.

European furniture materials
Modern European Furniture

European furniture companies often use higher quality finishes as well. Regular paint sometimes cracks or flakes off, so German companies prefer lacquer, usually in multiple layers. You can choose from matt or high gloss lacquer, in thousands of colors from the NCS standard chart to get that perfect match. Some other high quality alternatives are classic wood veneers, exotic woods, back lacquered glass, and textured concrete.

Lastly, custom European furniture is actually very price-flexible. If you are budget-conscious, a German laminate finish can mimic natural wood so convincingly, most people cannot tell the difference. And yet, the textured finish is available at a fraction of the price of real wood. You will also have the option to select different door styles and storage add-ons in a range of price groups.

German Design Center specializes in modern cabinets and furniture systems for the kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedroom. Visit our Free Design Consultation page to discuss modern European furniture with a design professional (it’s free!).

Thursday, February 2, 2017

European Furniture Showroom in NYC

Among all the furniture styles that stand out, European furniture stands out with its unique choices, lighting fixtures and great prices. In addition to the exceptional section, European furniture showroom has a vast collection of customer furniture where you can select your preferable colors and sizes depending on your taste and requirements. At German Design Center we would like to list some of the items you may find in our European furniture showroom in NYC.

Modern Living room furniture
European Furniture Showroom in NYC 
You can find all selections of living room furniture from, sofas, chairs, love seats to others that you may prefer. There are perfect pieces that satisfy all your needs in terms of quality, comfort, and design. Any living room furniture that you might need, you can find them in our European showroom.

Modern Dining room furniture
If you are looking for a contemporary dining table or a modern dining set, you can definitely get what you want. We have a vast of dining room furniture that includes dining tables, dining chairs, side tables and buffets, they come in different quality, design, and sizes. You can check all the dining room furniture we have and get what impresses you the most.

Modern bedroom furniture
The bedroom is one of the places that need to be practical, elegant and stylish. Appliances like
dressers, Nightstands, and marrows are made according to the European high standard can help you achieve that dream. Furniture like modern beds, matching dressers are available in our European furniture showroom.

Choosing the kind of furniture that will add warmth and elegance in your home can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know where to find them. Different rooms come with different needs, for instance, if you are choosing furniture for your bedroom or kids bedroom, you must consider how much storage you need and how much storage the furniture has. If it’s a dresser or a wardrobe, keep in mind your space and other furniture in the room.

Of course, the main purpose of buying furniture is to provide you with comfort and rest. Home is where you rest after a long day at work and it needs to be a place you can relax and rejuvenate your energy. Let us at German Design Center help you.

For more information about our European furniture showroom in NYC, please call us today at 888-209-5240. One of our experts will be happy to assist you.