Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dream Closets For Your Design Type: European Wardrobes

Trying to pin down a design for a European wardrobe that best suits your home? Innovative closets from Europe offer enormous choice and customization, so it can be helpful to pin down your design type in order to best inform your options.

We at German Design Center have pulled together a few of our favorite modern wardrobes here to inspire you. Each is from a leading European brand that offers custom height and width, with lots of details to really get that personal touch.

For the contemporary: Piure Line Schrank

Pure Blue and White Line Shrank
Modern Wardrobes
This range is super modern and a lot of run. Line Schrank by emerging German brand Piure is a wardrobe line fronted by clean, flush doors and a staggered interplay of lines. This wardrobe can take on classic, neutral tones or bright colors with unusual designs.

The effect is especially contemporary with the handle-free option, though handled doors are available too for those who prefer something to grab onto. The size of each cabinet is custom as per your wishes, with lots of interlocking designs to conjure from your imagination.

For the traditional: Team 7 Soft Wardrobe

Modern Wardrobes
While this one isn’t purely traditional, the Soft wardrobe from Team 7 strikes a nice balance between classic and newer styles. The “soft” elements include its handles and solid wood fronts, which along with integrated closet light serve to add warmth to its slender frame.

Team 7 wardrobes are built from pure solid wood and this range offers several distinct wood types to choose from, along with back painted glass to decorate the fronts.

For the purist: Hulsta Now! Time

Modern Wardrobes
There’s definitely something to be said about the calmness and simplicity of minimalism. And the Now! Time range from German closet specialist Hulsta caters to this straightforward concept by offering puristic wardrobe designs in no-nonsense color palettes.

While the wardrobe dimensions are custom built for every client’s need, the options are a little more stripped down than some others on this, which helps decision-phobes avoid that feeling of choice overload. Now! Time has a sort of youthful appeal and is great for young adults or anyone who likes a fresh energy in the room.

For the visionary: Hulsta Multi Forma II

Modern Wardrobes
Get ready to stretch your creative limits with this one! Hulsta’s Multi Forma II range is incredibly versatile. This concept lets you design a wardrobe that spans an entire hall, a closet-media combo, or a slanted top for a sloping ceiling.

You can combine open and closed closets, stacked drawers with tall doors, wood veneer and glass, or keep things more uniform with one color. Multi Forma II is perfect for nailing a really specific idea that’s utterly different from anything your friends have.

To learn more about our modern wardrobes at German Design Center, please contact us today at 888-209-5240. A modern design expert will be happy to speak with you.

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