Saturday, February 25, 2017

Personally Design Furniture: European Wall Units

Team 7 modern TV wall unit libraryIf you have ever dealt with a space constraint in your home, you probably already realize how valuable some well-placed shelves and overhead cabinets can be. You can reduce the clutter in the room, creating extra storage space to move around in! It’s a win-win.

Wall mounted cabinets are fairly common in Europe, for all areas of the home. This might seem a little foreign to Americans though. We are used to wall cabinets in the kitchen only. So what are some ways that we can use modern wall units in the other living areas? Today we at German Design Center would like to show you.

TV and Media Units

Team 7 TV wall unit

TV cabinets are pretty standard for the living room, but we don’t often see wall mounted TV cabinets. But since we do mount our flat screen TVs so often, it makes a lot of sense. TV wall units are specially designed for your entertainment system. The Cubus Pure media center by Team 7 has special chambers for sound amplification, ventilation and portals for the cords. This creates a streamlined center that holds all your entertainment mounted right on the wall.


Pure modern floating sideboard credenza

For the living or dining room, sideboards are a great tool to stay neat. Basically anything from stray papers to change jars can be stored these types of cabinets. This convenient storage furniture is even more useful when hung on the wall and out of your way. European wall sideboards are often easy to customize too, with many ways tailor the design for what you need. The top surface also doubles as a shelf.

Night Stands
Holster modern German night stands

The appeal of a nightstand is the easy-to-reach storage in a small package. Modern wall units work really well as bedside furniture. Aside from looking modern and chic floating beside the bed, the bedside table is even smaller because it does not need legs underneath. The means more room to stretch, while still keeping all the modern comforts!


Team 7 modern library and media center

You may never have thought there might be an alternative to that bulky bookcase in the entry hall. But as long as the mounting system is sturdy enough, you might be surprised by how much weight you can actually hang right on the wall. All those hardcover books, media items and art, sculptures or pottery, don’t have to seem so heavy with a clever suspended library.

Custom European furniture such as this shelving from Team 7 allows you to design book cases that suit your own home. The length, width, and height are built exclusively for your space, and add-ons like cabinet boxes and colored glass make the unit more functional and suit your personality far better than a pre-made bookshelf.


Hulsta modern dresser and closet

Wall suspended dressers have a really neat effect. This traditionally heavy furniture actually has a weightless feel when configured as a wall unit. This model from the Hulsta Multi Varis line has a cabinet with three drawers, so it’s great for storing clothing along with any other bedroom accessories. Its decor has also matches the Multi Varis wardrobe for continuity.

Wall units bring something special to interior design. Their many uses make them ideal for virtually any part of the home - anywhere extra space is needed, they present a contemporary design statement and storage unit in one.

To learn more about our modern wall units or to for more information about us at German Design Center, call us today at 888-209-5240.

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